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Compass Private Investments S.A. (CPI) was incorporated on 24 May 2007 prior to the global financial crisis of 2008, which we navigated with tremendous success. Where many investment companies faltered and failed to make a profit at this crucial time, Compass Private Investments managed to achieve a solid profit year on year for both its corporate and private investors.

Our ethos is to rooted in our belief that investment portfolios should always be centered around the lowest risk assets on the market, and this is what enables us here at CPI to continue to make a profit, whether working in a bull or bear market. The reliance of our investment portfolios on fixed income, capital assured products means that we may not always make the greatest profit for our investors, but we will always protect their assets from market turbulence.

Within the framework of the fixed income investing that we focus upon, CPI utilities various strategies to ensure that we achieve maximum returns on your capital, whilst still exposing ourselves to minimum risk at all times.

Our experienced team have in recent years come to dominate the fixed income sector both in London and in Luxembourg where our two primary trading centres are located.